GiliSoft File Lock Pro Serial Number

GiliSoft File Lock Pro Serial Number is usually a software tool which helps people hide data and protect their files, directories and partitions from reading or writing.

Throughout the installation process, you will be required to create a master password and provide your e-mail address, so that you can make sure no one will be able to change your settings and receive notifications. Even so, it is best to know the passkey can be changed at any point and a mail message can be sent to you when this happens.

The interface comprises of a navigation panel, which enables you to access all the options readily available in a more efficient manner, and a pane where you can view particulars.

Files, folders and drives can be hidden from other users, by simply selecting the item and clicking the “Hide Files” button. Batch processing is integrated, as well as the “drag and drop” function. They are extremely useful features, as they enable you to manage your files faster. The process is related when trying to deny reading or writing for specific documents.

This software program creates a shell menu entry, which enables you to perform all the actions described above, as well as password-protect a file, encrypt it as an EXE and safely delete it from the computer.

From the settings panel, it’s achievable to ban your account for ten minutes or automatically send a notification to your e-mail when the incorrect master passkey have already been entered for more than 5 instances. Aside from that, you can create an exclude list, disable shell menu and hide the utility from the desktop, start menu and quick link.

In conclusion, GiliSoft File Lock Pro Crack is often a useful piece of software for people looking to protect important or sensitive information from prying eyes. It will not need lots of system resources and the environment is feature-rich and user-friendly. There is certainly also another version you can make the most of, GiliSoft File Lock.

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