How to behave in a restaurant

I’ve been working in a restaurant as a waitress for almost a year.

After the initial phase, once I knew what I suppose to do, I started to pay more attention to the guests’ habits –what they do when they arrive, the way the order the food, how they behave.

The first thing I can say is people are completely different; there is no pattern, but some attitudes are quite similar and this is exactly what I’m going to talk about.

What follows is a waitress’s view on a restaurant, how a guest/customer can improve their time there and how some people need to improve their attitude in life.

  • Some people just ignore the waiter, simple like that. They don’t respond to our questions, like “How is your food?”, “What would you like?” or “How are you?” — I firmly believe some people are trained to ignore servers. Could be something social, a family issue or really a problem. I feel sorry for them and for whom suffers from this kind of attitude.
  • The majority of people are nice and kind, they simply love when they receive some attention, like everyone else. They recognise you, ask you where you’re from, about your life, your suggestion of the day or your favourite food in the menu.
  • Children nowadays really spend a lot of time in iPads or smartphones. I am talking about 4 to 14-year-old children — a lot of teenagers being all lunch or dinner long on their devices. This happens when they are with their parents and only with friends, it is something they are used to doing.
  • A big number of couples spend their dinnertime on their phones as well and I am talking about a fancy restaurant.
  • Stop, simply stop taking so many pictures of your food! Go on the internet and save some images from the menu, if you want. Just enjoy your food, just do it.
  • If you received a nice service, leave tips — it is how things work. If you don’t want to pay for it go to a place where you are expected to take your food yourself.
  • Yes, the waiter/waitress always knows what is going on, if there is a different mood in the table. And I can tell you, a lot of people just throw away their night for small issues. When mothers and daughters are complaining about each other or boyfriend and girlfriend are arguing, even when all the family is in a bad mood. If all those people could watch themselves, I believe they would do everything in a different way.
  • It’s just amazing when people celebrate anniversaries, birthdays or achievements. Joy is really contagious.
  • Gays couples are always in a good mood.
  • If the waiter says “it’s too much food”, listen to them.
  • I am thrilled when there is a table with a couple in love, they hold hands all the time and look at each other with so much love…
  • Tables talk about others tables, about what they order, what they talk, what they wear.
  • Some parents buy alcoholic drinks for their children, it is common.
  • People drink a lot and they do not complain about it being expensive, but they complain about food being expensive.
  • Some people like the restaurant and no matter the price, they’ll be a regular. Favourite place, favourite food and sometimes favourite waiter/waitress.
  • Children can eat anything they are taught to.
  • It is incredible to interact with children, you should encourage your children to do that.
  • If you bring cake to a restaurant, offer a piece to your waiter.
  • Always pay attention to the closing time! Do not stay in a restaurant past its closing time.

I hope these tips help you being a better guest on your next visit to a restaurant.

Yours truly,

A waitress