The conservative year

I have some thoughts about elections in 2016, the conservative year.

In my humble opinion, Donald Trump won the US election because those who don’t support him didn’t vote. For some people it is so impossible to believe that someone so different, with a misogynist attitude, with arguments so racist would win that they think it is not necessary to vote. Voting gets us out of our comfort zone, and we only think about it when we believe is completely necessary to do. With Trump, it wasn’t.

I particularly believe Trump used a racist attitude to shock and get followers and supporters with it — In the same way, he got hatters.

The point is when you believe in something you do something about it — vote — when you don’t believe, you simply don’t .

A similar thing happened in the UK, despite the campaigns many people do not really know the impact of Brexit, people really believed this would not happen. When we believe that something won’t happen we don’t vote (including the fact that under 18 weren’t allowed to vote).

On a smaller scale, a similar thing happened in Rio de Janeiro — be aware the vote is compulsory in Brazil. In the last elections for mayor, two candidates ran for the position, both with completely different points of view.

The elected mayor (the conservative one) had 59% of the valid votes, the second had 41% of it.

The point is 27% of the population of the city didn’t vote. They need to justify why they didn’t vote, it is something simple to do but show us how many people really don’t believe they are important for changing their city, country or either, their continent.

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