14 Behavioral Patterns for User Interface Design

Marilia Ferreira
Apr 15, 2015 · 5 min read

One of the greatest books for User Interface designers is called, not a surprise, Designing Interfaces and it was written by Jenifer Tidwell. In the first chapter, Jenifer describes 14 behavioral patterns to improve your design. Follow and respect those patterns and your application will have more chance to find appreciation from your users — it will be useful!

1. Safe Exploration

2. Instant Gratification

3. Satisfacing

4. Changes in the midstream

5. Deferred Choices

6. Incremental Construction

7. Habituation

8. Microbreaks

9. Spatial Memory

10. Prospective Memory

11. Streamline Repetition

12. Keyboard only

13. Other people advice

14. Personal Recommendation

This article is a summary of the first Chapter from the book Designing Interfaces, by Jenifer Tidwell. I'm writing about the things I'm currently learning because I found out that it helps me a lot — it means I wrote this for me, but if you find it useful, that's great!

Image from Sauerlaender.

Thanks to Nikolas Moya.

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