we can, as humans, identify certain things that are clearly bad. Being obese is one of them. There are no health benefits to being obese, while the drawbacks are legion. Humans, though, react to all sorts of bullshit superficial things, things that have nothing to do with the observer.
Why would anyone have to give a disclaimer?
Sirous Martel

The point the author was trying to make is NOT to differentiate between “superficial things” and other observations — but that IT DOESN’T MATTER to what degree another human being is deemed “overweight” by anyone else — it is NEVER appropriate to publicly judge and shame someone else’s body! Your confident pronouncement that “being obese” is “clearly bad” is ignorant at best. While we may, for whatever reason, privately wince at the appearance of some of our fellow human beings, who are we to publicly pass judgement on them? It’s been my experience that in our culture, with its rampant fatophobia, people don’t consciously choose to become obese to enjoy its “health benefits” or suffer its “drawbacks”, as weight control is a complicated equation at best. Given your admission in the previous paragraph that it should not be anyone else’s business, followed by your walk-back statement of obesity being “clearly bad”, I think your self-description “Knows nothing.” may be perpetually self-fulfilling.

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