What I see here is a political dogfight — those comments from Hillary about Bernie are pretty strong, calling into question his basic preparedness and competence. So Bernie hit back and said she isn’t qualified. Is this surprising? What about this story gives any indication that sexism plays a role here?
I think it’s important to put things in their full context.
Mike Ritchie

What you’re missing here is how carefully Hillary danced around Joe’s landmines to AVOID stating outright that Bernie is incompetent and ill-prepared for the job — whilst Bernie just blurted out his opinion like the clod that he is. SHE’S a diplomat who knows how to conduct herself while HE’S a cranky old man yelling, “you kids keep offa my lawn!”at anything he doesn’t like. HER answers are nuanced and polite while HIS tirades are angry and one-dimensional.