My Gots

There is a lot I’m taking away from this course, including a new perspective when thinking about new ideas for a business, “real-life” lessons from successful entrepreneurs, tools to put an idea into action and the opportunity to learn about various topics that my peers and instructors are passionate about. Some of my favorite lessons were about ways to discover my passion, purpose, unique expertise, skills and strengths and how to spend more time cultivating those instead of focusing on improving weaknesses. My favorite exercise was coming up with ten business ideas. I had so much fun thinking about these and talking to people about everyday problems they want solved. I also enjoyed the variety in our class reading assignments. It was a perfect balance of videos, podcasts, articles and journals. I appreciated the instructors being very responsive to student needs, their flexibility and genuine interest in feedback to continue improving the course. I loved meeting at Kerckhofff Hall and learning more about my peers while we enjoyed delicious dinner!

My Wants

I wish there would have been more opportunities to talk about our projects with our classmates, more often and earlier on. I think having the chance to talk about our ideas with others as we are developing them can provide us with valuable perspectives. I also think it would be great to check in earlier about specific components. I had a difficult time researching and writing about my business’ finances. I wish we’d spent some time breaking up in small groups to discuss our projects as they related to that week’s topic (i.e. technology, audiences, etc.)

Overall, I’m so grateful that I found this class (actually it found me). I had been searching for a class like this since I started my MPA program but I didn’t quite know what I was looking for until I read an e-mail from Ev. I’ve always said that the best thing about being a USC student is the abundance of resources offered and the fact that you are not limited to the courses offered in your school. As a student, you can find workshops, classes, professors, alumni, events, etc. that are connected or have knowledge about any topic. I’ve been interested in social enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship since I started my degree program and this course touched upon all those ideas. This class was truly the best course I’ve taken at SC! Thank you to all who made this class possible.