If I may, let me share a story of my own.
Samual Wesley

You mean teaching isn’t all that teachers think about?! It helps that I teach what I do (writing). For example, I have a link to my personal Wordpress blog on my classroom website. I’ll be adding a link to my new (like really new) teaching blog there as well. As for Instagram, I keep it non-work-related, because it makes me look a little weird and non-teachery with photos of my cat, old neon signs, Ed Sheeran concerts, a peach pie I baked one day, my husband’s sculpture, and a drawing of the World Trade Center attack by my six-year-old daughter on that horrible day. But former students know it’s there and some have chosen to follow me and it’s fun to keep up with them. (I actually do have one classroom post… but why not more???)

To relate to students, it makes sense for teachers to give students and parents access to our lives and interests outside of the classroom. Social media is good for that. Surely schools will start to understand and smudge out the line in the sand that you mentioned.

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