Lookin’ So ‘Crazy’ Right Now
Jessica Siskin

How is it empowering to destroy things — and, um, because a man cheats on you? How bourgeois. I like Beyonce ok. But I don’t find her ideas about art/culture as being particularly knowing, telling, or interesting. To her, women are still defined by a man — usually by how she “gets him” despite his non-committal ways or “gets him back” for his philandering. Bey says it’s ok for women to get angry when a partner cheats! And she’s, like, a real girl too, even though she’s, like, Beyonce and everybody thinks her life is perfect! Yeah, boy that’s powerful <yawn>

It might have some power if she would sometimes not present herself in literally the most perfect and beautiful light, she’s the most beautiful ratchet, nature girl, city slicker, all her personae are so stereotypical and so blandly perfect and precisely choreographed, jeez girl, let’s see you be messy without it being apparent it took four hours to get you to look that way. Then maybe there would be something said, about your life or women or.. something.

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