AKA We gotta cry to keep from laughing — I mean…

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While I only lost 15 pounds, if Mr. Spock wears a mask, it’s the logical thing to do, right, Captain? Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash

What can you say about a viral pandemic that isn’t going away any time soon?

A lot actually.

Our fearless leader, the one and only Admirable Admiral Susan Brearley put out the call/invited us to post collections of our COVID posts and stories. Thank you, Susan!

It’s good to take stock. I had no idea I had written so many.

From the personal angle, to the whole mask debate, to issues of coping and losing weight…not to mention social and political satire.

The executive branch of our government seems to have taken stupid to a new level. That sounds funny except hundreds of thousands of precious lives have been lost. …


Not necessarily everything you always wanted to know, but at least a few of the random things I wanted to know.

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Photo by Khamkhor on Unsplash

So God and I were talking the other day — yes, we talk all the time. Well, I talk all the time, and She tries to get a word in edgewise. It’s not that I ignore her. It’s that She talks so soft, I often can’t hear her.

That’s when she has to bang me upside the head. But I got so many bruises on my temple (!), the medical people wanted to file a report with Adult Protective Services.

But when we started filling out the form and they asked who hit me upside the head, and I said, God, they looked at me funny, and that’s how I ended up in the psych ward. …

Middle-Pause Pump Priming Prompt

Zooming into an extended special season in the time of COVID.

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Photo by Olivia Bauso on Unsplash

It’s finally fall!

You know what that means…Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, costume parties, scary treats, hot spicy cider, trees ablaze with color, houses decorated inside and out, and the streets full of little witches, zombies, ghosts, and every character from Disney’s Frozen.

Somehow, I was hoping the pandemic would ebb just in time for all the usual festivities. With an uptick in outbreaks, it seems we’re going in the other direction.

While California is gratefully less so, most of the country’s experiencing an upsurge in new cases and fatalities — stretching vital resources, reminding us we’re not out of the woods yet. …


Marilyn Flower

Writer, sacred fool, improviser, avid reader, writer, novel forthcoming, soul collage facilitator, prayer warrior and did I say writer?

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