Death of a Virgin: A Tale of Spiritual Awakening

Chapter 12

How could she have perfection and still want more? The call of his lips she couldn’t ignore. His sandy blonde hair reflected the sun’s rays and created an angel’s aura around him, his warm smile melted her frozen heart, his curious eyes lit up whenever she spoke of Socrates or referenced humanity’s inability to accept its mortality. She wanted to sink into those crystal blue eyes and devour him whole. Yet, she wasn’t able to, not that she wasn’t capable. She had sworn monogamy and she felt that this time it had to stick, but how much of it was real when her body ached for someone else? It wasn’t just Dex, she had felt this hunger before. She wondered if Jacob just wasn’t good enough. Was it that he didn’t satisfy her? Yet, she couldn’t deny that if these others didn’t share the same love for nature, knowledge, and expansion as she did she wouldn’t feel this way in the first place. Had she not searched long enough for the one who would ultimately fulfill her before settling down? Possibly she had only found a place to sit and rest her feet before continuing on her journey and now somehow it had now become eternity.

Eve placed the beer mug down and shook her head. Who was she kidding? She would have seduced him just because she could even if she was single. The attraction to his skin, the racing of his pulse, the tingling that ran up her spine and nestled in the nape of her neck was always sufficient, as long as she had ignited it, it didn’t matter who it was. Standards had reached new heights, but only in response to her personal development. She would be lying to herself if she didn’t admit that much was owed to the fact that the man she cared for now deserved more. Not because he was better then the rest, but because he continually strived to be better. Time had been invested into his progress, as well as pain and tears. This time, it hadn’t just been hers either. She loved. She loved him with a fury that drove her insane. But there was no denying that given the opportunity, she was still just as likely to divulge that passion onto someone else who sparked her intellect, someone else who spoke to her being. Eve was dormant. And yet again, she craved affection… fuel… and energy.

She wrapped her legs around him as she pressed her breast against his bare chest, and his sweat began to seep through her shirt.

She had lingered over him, straddling him and leaning into his neck before he awoke. Startled, he opened his eyes. He took a few seconds to catch his breath, but when he saw her, he inhaled as if it was the first full breath he had taken in years. He threw his right hand around the small of her back and pulled her in as he elevated himself off the bed. She exhaled all her anxieties away as he gently grazed her neck with his upper, then lower lip. She purred as he caressed her soul, as he moved her in and out of his entire being. With one quick swift, he rolled her over onto her back while still wrapped in his arms. She inhaled the warmth of his breath, but only after allowing it to linger between her lips for a moment. Pulling back a strand of hair that fell over her left eye, he gazed at her for the first time. Usually, he was incapable of even meeting her glance. She now understood it was only because he was terrified of how transparent he would be when he was sober. Yet, while dosed with liquid courage, he longingly stared with no remorse. Across the high top, he couldn’t feign composure. There was no denying their chemistry.

And now, as his lips inched towards hers, one heartbeat at a time, there was no denying that he had fallen for her. There was no escaping this carnal state. He was who he was, she is who she is, but now they had become something else entirely. Neither one were the same, because now neither one would ever be the same to Jacob.

What she had once done for money, she now did for pleasure. Seduction had now become an addiction. The translation of power was ever inviting. When had she become so callous? Her empathy had become conditional. She was only capable of sharing it with a select few at a time, and only for as long as it was convenient. Jacob’s face flashed before her eyes momentarily. His gorgeous large blue-green eyes, adorned by a thick layer of black lashes, looked back at her with such purity and innocence. His skin, the color of a pralines ice cream, glowed under the guise of love. His strong jaw line begged for a stroke of her hand. He was irresistible. Yet, how was she capable of resisting? She began to consider that perhaps it wasn’t something that Jacob was missing. If she had to be honest with herself, she knew that even with enough time, perhaps even less, Dex would be in the same position Jacob was in now. She wouldn’t care for him anymore. Perhaps, she never really cared for any of them to begin with.