I Unfollowed All Of My Friends On Facebook. Here’s What Happened.
Daryl Genesis Cruz

Thanks for following me. I loved your insight on the facebook unfriend post. I looked at some of the other ones and realized I would probably need to some googling before I would understand the video game connections. But I understood the failure aspect in the Mission article.

This caused to be to briefly reflect on online connections — I’m sure in real life we would just have walked past each other — you a gamer, more than a few years younger, and me, old enough to have to start thinking of my own demise.

Would we have anything to talk about? Probably — if we took the time — failure, the value of friendship, human values, feelings.

Perusing your posts quickly — as I have a busy day ahead — has given me pause. If I found a connection with an unlikely match online, what would happen if you and I tried to talking to a similar persona in ‘real life’ — me with a funky (is that a cool word?) gamer and you with a slightly-greying senior citizen?

Perhaps at least one of us would have material for a new blog post!

Looking forward to reading more…and in the meantime, if you ever head up to western Canada, I would be ‘game’ (groan) for a coffee.

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