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The Art of Living

Is it me? The only person that cannot manifest that perfect life, I often see in social media. How is it that everyone in this realm has it all together? How nothing affects them. I know we should all run our own race, but I often feel like I’m at the back of the line without a chance of breaking free. I feel like I can’t no longer fit another mantra, prayer, mediation session, yoga class, living in the now or create your own destiny lecture. Do you feel me? Or am I the only being that is disconnected from this wellness matrix but has tried everything known to men to be part of that life changing group.

After so much soul searching, I found one thing that doesn’t fix my life but helps me cope with my daily struggles. Do you want to know what that is? I’ll tell you. GRATITUDE!! I realized that vision boards, and writing your goals are not enough. You have to find it in your heart to appreciate the things that you do have. Once you do that your problems take another shape, the perspective is different and things seem to ease. They don’t go away but they become a clear reflection of the stuff you or I need to work on. After all of this, this is what I know!

Is good to work on changing your energy and changing your life; however, be mindful that you cannot move forward without clearing the baggage you have been carrying through your life. All those unwanted items will spill out at one point or another. Our struggles are clear signs of what we have to work on. Be truthful with yourself. We can’t move forward if we can’t deal with the right here, right now. One key thing is that our problems don’t define us, they are there to help us bring awareness on what needs to change based on the intentions we have set forward. Yes, we are creative beings, but with that quest comes’ plenty of clean-up. If you are not ready to clean your life don’t ask to change it. The clean-up is painful, is designed for that very purpose. Is that thing or things you’ve been dragging on for years, that’s now bursting at the seams. The one you can’t hold on to any longer. The one that can encourage us to find a quick fix, but that bandage won’t hold for too long. The life lesson you will always remember. One thing we all have in common, no matter our walk in life, we all want to be happy, loved, live in abundance, and some of us want to be of service to others. While we may be strong in some of these areas, we can be very weak in others if not all. Self assess notice your mishap(s), is right in front of you. Don’t ignore it, embrace it but don’t define yourself by it. Then work at it diligently and take notice of the journey and your progress until you find the happiness that you so seek.

Through this process the second thing I learned is that we are looking for things that will quench that quest for ultimate happiness or satisfaction but our mistake lies in the fact that we look at the manifestation of the end result not the process or even the journey. Most of us seek that perfect life but in reality we are seeking the feeling that perfect life will bring. If we look closely we can find many instances where we are experiencing that very same feeling, but we are too jaded to notice. You want abundance, you want to do what you love maybe want you need is not money but the freedom money will bring. Focus on the feeling and start from that space. Remember we all are a work in progress let us not be misguided by mirages. The reality of it all we’ll never know. Be grateful for those that have found utopia and remember your life of bliss is waiting for you too. The greater the problem the more gratifying is the reward. The race you are running will be well worth it at the end. If you are going through it, you are on track. You are not dormant. We can get to a different place without changing our direction. Detour is unpleasant but once you get there is no longer relevant.

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