#1 Question You Need to Be a Rockstar in Your Niche

Marilyn Wo
Mar 8 · Unlisted

Just like many famous actors or billionaires everywhere, Jim Carrey did not succeed overnight.

Even for him, climbing to the top wasn’t easy. You can see more in the movie: Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond.

Before he became ultra famous for acting in Dumb & Dumber, he was only micro famous as a stand-up comedian.

And before he was successful as a stand-up comedian, he went through sleepless nights only to ask himself one question many times:


He wanted to know what will make his audience laugh.

That was his job and that’s what he wants.

Question is, what will actually make them laugh?

This question can be applied to various stages of your business now and as long as you are in business.

It also spurs on many more great questions from here such as these:

If you are not the only one offering the same service that millions are offering, why do you exist?

Why should you sell something that many others are already selling?

Is it what you want to sell that’s important?

Or should you sell what they want to buy?

While casting the net far and wide serves anyone from all industries, it leaves you nothing much to show for.

In contrast, diving deep reveals what lies beneath.

Much like the ocean, above is just water all around.

Dive deep enough and you see a whole new world taking place.

Photo by Shaun Low on Unsplash

When you ask yourself the question “What do they want?”, you start to dig deeper, and get curious of what’s underneath.

That’s when you uncover more clues to help you get to the treasure and get to the bottom of it.

You start to understand your target audience better without waiting for them to tell you what they want.

What Have You Learned?

Never just skim the surface or rely only on what you see.

Like Michael Jordan said: “If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working on it.”

Jim Carrey’s question probably led him to ask better questions and hence reveal the best answers to crush his niche.

It’s time to crush yours.

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