A professor with the University of Johannesburg, Rabelani Dagada, has urged South Africa to finalize its cryptocurrency public policy if the country still wants to become a hub for digital currency innovation.

History Will Repeat Itself

In an opinion by Itweb, Dagada warned South African authorities that the continued efforts to stifle cryptocurrencies will not achieve the intended objectives. He adds that regulators must learn from history that violently opposing an emerging innovation will not kill it. He explained:

Technology has prevailed against violent and regulatory opposition. During the era of the industrial revolution, some workers in Britain rioted against mechanised manufacturing firms…


A hamster that trades cryptocurrencies has been outperforming Bitcoin and the S&P 500 since June. The rodent, called Mr. Goxx, uses a device called the “goxx box,” to give signals and make purchases in front of the live streaming audience that follows him. Mr. Goxx has achieved an impressive current score of +24% and even got to +50% before the latest crypto selloff.

Crypto-Trading Hamster Performs Better Than S&P 500, Bitcoin

A cryptocurrency-trading hamster that streams trading signals through has been on a roll since June, outperforming fellow human traders and Bitcoin, with impressive gains of 24% over its starting portfolio. The rodent, called Mr. …


Netflix, the world’s largest video streaming company, has announced it is working on a documentary that deals with the aftermath of the Quadrigacx saga. According to brief descriptions, the documentary titled; “Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King,” deals with how the users affected by the death of Quadrigacx’s CEO Gerry Cotten try to uncover the mystery behind his strange death and the private keys that supposedly only he held at his death.

Netflix To Release Quadrigacx Documentary Next Year

Netflix, one of the leading video streaming sites, the production of a documentary that would explain the saga of Quadrigacx, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange…

SEC Denies Freedom of Information Act Request Concerning Tether Documents

On September 24, the staff writer for The New Republic, Jacob Silverman, tweeted about a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request he filed that was ultimately denied. On the social media platform, Silverman wrote that he got Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) responses to his FOIA requests and said the responses were “withheld because of possible law enforcement investigation.”

Jacob Silverman Sought ‘Access to All Documents, Emails, Memos, and Reports Related to Tether’

There’s a ton of stablecoins these days and today, all the stablecoins in existence are valued at . The oldest stablecoin and the largest, in terms of market valuation, tether () commands $69.7 billion of the aggregate total of all…

China's Crackdown Spurs Massive Onchain Transfers, Cold Wallets Move $3 Billion in Bitcoin and 800K Ether

Following the latest statements from China’s central bank concerning cryptocurrencies and offshore crypto exchanges, massive amounts of funds have been moving onchain. On September 26, at approximately 1:00 a.m. (UTC) 72,999 or $3.1 billion in bitcoin was dispersed to unknown wallets.

Huobi to Gradually Retire Mainland China Users, 800K Ether Move from Huobi to an Unknown Wallet

Word around the crypto campfire is that offshore exchanges near China are seeing massive amounts of crypto transfers during the last few days. For instance, theblockcrypto.com writer Wolfie Zhao on September 25 that the Chinese government’s has “spooked some retail users” and the action had spilled over to over-the-counter (OTC) markets.

Zhao’s report shows a screenshot…

CryptoKitties was the first to bring blockchain gaming to life, and games such as Axie Infinity defined how a good blockchain game should be. The Three Kingdoms aims to build on this with their next-generation play-to-earn game.

The Three Kingdoms is a highly strategic third-generation NFT game based on the historical characters of the Three Kingdoms period in ancient China. The historical characters enable users to have engaging gameplay while obtaining rewards for their achievements.

The Next Generation of GameFi

What does the new era of play-to-earn games mean? The TTK team believes the current generation of NFT games has limited ways for players to…

Bill Shakespeare once said, “The world is a stage”. Everyone wears their own mask and plays a version of the character they believe they are. We are currently in the third act in the ongoing lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple Labs. The investigation alone has been going on for two and a half years. As the plot thickens, I’m here to unpack some recent findings in this ongoing debacle and to clear up some of the complicated legal jargon and put it into lament terms. To me, it seems that the SEC is purposely fighting a losing battle…

Recently a student from the University of Kent in London was robbed at knifepoint for his bitcoin. After eight thugs stormed his dorm room and demanded that he reveal his crypto credentials and passwords, the student was forced to leave the campus and he moved back home.

Freshmen College Student Loses Bitcoin in an On-Campus Mugging

A recent shows that a college student who started the year as a freshman was robbed at the University of Kent, a school located in the historic city of Canterbury. …


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