Assessment 03A – Sound – Ambience

Walking through the city you constantly hear a vast number of sounds that you never really notice or care for. The sounds of cars speeding up and slowing down or passing strangers sneezing. When you think of trying to put these sounds into images or a score on a page you start to hear every little footstep, laugh and traffic signal.

Looking at John Cages ‘Fontana Mix’ from 1958 you see his score set as a grid in the background and all the distinct sounds showing over it in clear black lines, swirls and shapes. In the image below you see one of his visual representations on sound.

When listening and looking at this you start to make more and more sense of each line and swirl and dot. While my sound track was shorter I notice my grid was looser and less complex. In my image the grid in the background represents the the muffled chatter and the cars breaking in the background. The darker marks show the louder and more distinct sounds. This is shown in the image below.

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