AT1A — Photo / Frame

I chose to explore the ideas of a contemporary building with an expressive massing thanks to the use of shadows and light. The photographer Berenice Abbott I found shows this well in a few images where you can see the landscape of the city with different densities. The images I chose to work use as a guideline for my photos were these two landscapes on New York.

Getting to a high enough point to match the elevation of the city to match that of Berenice Abbott was not easy but I found that the higher up I could get the better the idea of massing in the city came through. In my first image I chose to include the street in the left corner to add an extra sense of the denseness that is in Sydney city today.

My second image I feel was not as strong and did not turn out as I had hoped with the cropping. My attempt to match her photography from behind a shiny window created a glare in the image. Although the image looks pretty it did not depict the massing or the shadow that I was hoping to capture.

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