AT1B — Film/sequence

With the film of the city I decided to go with the point of view technique. With this technique I looked at the 2010 movie ‘Enter the Void’ by Gaspar Noe, where the camera acts as eyes for the main character. The blinks throughout the film pull it all together and you start to blink with the film and really feel as though you become the main character. I tried to mimic this technique with my film as I made my way to Insearch.

After watching over the film I noticed that it would have been better if the shot was longer and more continuous but due to the time limit I struggled to get it all in. Another thing I struggled to get in was the arms and body parts that Gaspar Noe did so to help the audience feel as though they were the ones experiencing everything first hand.

In the film I tried to depict the life of a student trying to get through the crowds to get to University on a normal day. The busyness of the city, even at night, was shown through the human traffic in the train stations and on the main roads.

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