The digital retail revolution and the importance of customer experience

The cost for retailers who don’t make amendments in the digital revolution will be catastrophic. The average adult checks their phone almost 150 times per day and melunials up to 500 times. Meaning consumers are digitally immersed, better connected and savier than ever before.

Retailers cannot risk disappointing their customers — they simply won’t return. Not fulfilling a customers’ needs and under performing will result in customers moving to competitors — let’s face it, there not stuck for choice. With wider and constant access to numerous channels, expectations are higher, customers are more informed and often more so than the in-store associates themselves.

Despite previous fears of the declining importance of brick and mortar, these changes in the global adaption of digital have seen quite the opposite. This results in retailers feeling a greater pressures than ever to deliver the service consumers expect…… including up to date stock levels, informed store staff, the ability to order out of stock items and new innovative store experiences which separate them from there competitors.

Clearly retailers need to attract people through their doors, but this isn’t the only challenge….. Delivering outstanding customer experience is a key requirement for any successful retailer, as well as having the right inventory at the right time as well as provide the high level of service expected — an expensive model when compared to the clearly more efficient ecommerce model.

Econsultancy’s most recent paper states “It doesn’t matter how much is spent on marketing and communicating your purpose and service, if a customer’s experience doesn’t match or falls short at any touchpoint, reputation will suffer.” (Econsultancy) There is no part of retail that is not effected by the ongoing march of digital so retailers cannot afford not to change too.

I my opinion at the very least retailers need to incorporate the benefits of online with the experience of in-store. They need to implement endless ailse solutions that help them to sell 100% of there product range more easily and from anywhere on the shop floor. This can be achieved from implementing Digital Kiosks and Staff Tablets applications which core benefits include:

  • Selling 100% of your product range from the shop floor
  • Increase staff and customer confidence with access to detailed product and stock information
  • Reduce lost sales by placing out of stocks products
  • Increase staff productivity and improve customer service with detailed inventory information
  • Reduce queuing time and improve customer service with portable payments
  • Increase basket size through cross sells and recommendations.

“It is no longer enough to shove two iPads in-store and call yourself omnichannel” (Kim Weld- Blundell, Director, Scoop Retail)

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