All, what matters

Everything in this world is being in the process of continuous disruption.

It does not matter how much do you want to freeze the moment or situation in one state of being- it would never be the same again.

The water becomes the air, after it turns into the rain and becomes water again. Such are the feelings. When you are trying to stick to someone, trying to stop the moment, fearing to lose this person- you would not be happy.

To become free, you need to stop being afraid of losing the person. Live like you don’t own anything and anyone. Be free of expectations, act every time like it’s your first time. Noone owes you anything. Be grateful for every single chance you get. Do not try to control. Be grateful for comforting conversations, sincere smiles, tender kisses, celebrate them, but never posses.

Life is the process of disruption, redefinition of itself. Learn as much as you can and stay open to new people in your life, new experiences. Do not try playing safe. All what remains after everything is gone- are memories, experiences with people, whom you met once in your life. Even if you are no longer together- be grateful to them. Be grateful to yourself.

Inspiration lives in details. In favorite places, streets, nature, silence, in the presence of others in our lives, who make it beautiful. Do not try to tie people close to yourself, be free as a wind.

Lose everything to gain much more. Believe that it’s possible, keep to your pace. Fuck the harmony, do what you want (because it makes you — you). Find your own balance in imbalance. You’ve got only one chance to live this life, noone would give you another. In the end -it’s all that matters.