B e r l i n

only 3 weeks left… time flies fast, fuck

When you come to realize that your time to spend somwhere is not unlimited, but has its ending — you either start to recall the past, either start to live the most marvelous period of your life. I think I belong to the second category. I am trying to make the most of the time left, to live the life of this city, to feel it`s vibes with my heart, my mind and my skin. I plan to visit all my favorite places in the city before I leave. These days I often go to parties, drink wine on terraces, wander around the city, talk to strangers, fall in love, inhale the magnetic atmosphere of freedom, diversity, passion. Sometimes I feel like I`m being on drugs (while I`m not, honestly lol). Everything feels so good, the warm evenings on the rooftops, the best Riesling, tasty Eis (ice-cream).

one of the most magnificent evenings, when I missed my train home, met a stranger and we were drinking wine on the panorama terrace of his office (in the area with the highest rents in Berlin)

Never before I saw so many different people, who are not afraid to express themselves (I`ve been almost to 20 countries so far), but Berlin is something special for me. Before coming here, I didn`t expect anything, but now I`m completely into this city. Into the people, who are very relaxed, stylish and creative. What is interesting, is that this relaxed mood does not stop them from working and achieving satisfactory results. I met many people and they all live a nice life. No one complains, people love their jobs, even bus drives here do not seem to be disappointed with their lives (one can frequently see the young people among them) .

Canalls of Berlin — my fav place to walk by

One more thing makes me love Berlin — is the style of this city! The way people dress here and spend their free time. On Friday, the whole city goes to party to the Warschauer strasse — the biggest party district, all the trains are full or young people who are about to dance all night. It is so pleasurable to be in a crowd of relaxed people in a good mood. Here I really felt what the word chillax means (chill+relax). In Kyiv, I was mostly in a hurry, the young people I interacted with were showing off, here no one cares what are you wearing, which places do you go to and which cocktails you get. The only matters the moment shared. Firstly, I was shocked by the way people look here, but now I love it and prefer more simplicity in looks myself. The dark-skinned people have an amazing style here! I love seeing them on the parties and in the streets, they are best in dressing.

while waiting for the train

After Kyiv Berlin seemed quite an expensive city, but after traveling to Copenhagen, Zurich, I feel that it is ok for me. Sometimes I drink coffee for 4, because, it`s an absolutely best coffee in the city, go to the clubs for 10 and get cocktails for 8. That`s a lot when you think in terms of Kyiv, but here you just pay for these beautiful experiences the life can give to you. What`s the point to keep, money to yourself and keep yourself away from the pleasures of life? My rule is to have a good rest and to do a decent work (order of the actions does not matter), the idea is that, when I see all these good places, inspired people — it inspires me (I could have said the word motivates), but I feel that for me it’s more about inspiration, when you feel like you want something and you are ready to do all what is possible to do your best. Berlin is inspirational, motivating — you can find here those, who rest and those, who work and keep the perfect balance for yourself.

it`s a very good wine place!

Maybe, not everyone will understand my points in the text — but that`s the way I see this city. I see the city as a young beautiful (not my words, haha) lady, who has enough money (thanks for the scholarship I get) and as the one, who is passionate, active and fearless person, who is not afraid for the most wonderful adventures in the life.

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