Don't give others your chance to succeed

your power is always inside you, never believe that you can`t acomplish something

I have always believed, that we share a common spirit together. I used to imagine my life as a magnificent chance to create something with you. Anytime you had problems, I was the first one to support you and listen to all your sorrows. I truly believed that we were created to share the greatest chance that gives us a life in a company of each other. But you didn`t…

Not only you didn’t appreciate my tries, even more, you were so involved in your life, yourself, that you never asked about mine. Sometime I was forgiving you, by thinking, that I am lucky to have you in my life. Moreover, most of the times, I was happy with the role I played in it. However, deep inside I always knew, that I am as bright and powerful as you are and by being too much into your life I was constantly losing my own.

Don`t know what was I lacking those days, may be confidence to start my own initiative, maybe knowledge. And this is the worse thing — to take all your pride away and make yourself think that you can’t do something great. It pointless to be good to someone, who doesn’t appreciate you, because he would never do that, no matterr how hard you try.

It`s easier to say than to do, but starting to believe in yourself and your craziest ideas is always the hardest, but it gives the biggest prizes to those, who are brave enough to discover the deepest depths, make mistakes, lose control, gain experience and live the life!!!