Yeah, tell teens to not have sex will work…

So I read this tonight at The Huffington Post

That seamed odd enough to read so I entered the article and basically whats happened was: the sex ed classes that those kids had were 3 days of teachers saying that them shouldn’t have sex. And that’s it.

“Yeah, let’s tell our kids to not have sex so they don’t get STD’s or babies” — Someone at Crane School

I’m not gonna lie, this does work in theory. If you don’t have sex you wont get STD’s or get pregnant. Simple logic. Effective. And they know it, as it was stated at the article

“That’s not a bad thing,” said Rumage, “because if kids are not having any sexual activity, they can’t get this disease. That’s not a bad program.”

This statement is like Communism. It will only work fully in a Utopian Civilization. (#yeahIsaidithateallyouwantidontcare) They are forgetting about one simple thing TEENS DON’T FUCKING CARE THEY WILL DO WHAT THEY WANT AND IF THEY WANT TO HAVE SEX THEY WILL, telling them not to is the same as telling that 1 year old baby to not put the dog poo in their mouth. I WILL NOT WORK!

You wanna see a really effective way to make them use condoms and having safe sex? You gotta get nasty in a very visual way. Show those horny teens some pictures of what will happen to their dicks if they catch gonorrhea or some other disgusting disease. Make them watch a woman giving birth (I’m talking about that full vagina shot showing all what happens down there during “the miracle of life”). Oh, you think that the reality show “Teen mom” was cool? For today’s sex ed class we are going to watch some episodes of this Discovery Home & Health reality show that talks about STD’s (surprise, surprise it is not censored).

That will work way lot better. Trust me. Now, lets say that you are a teen, found this post and miraculously read until the end (or just scrolled down here because of the video embedded) I highly recommend you to watch some videos made by TomSka, where he summarize what is that fuckery called puberty and have THE sex talk.

So, be safe and don’t do anything illegal See ya! In other news A 14-year-old girl was suspended for these hilariously snarky answers to a sex ed class quiz.

Originally published at on May 10, 2015.

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