Smart City Technology Will Make Your Kids and Parents Healthier

Smart city technology can help us to exercise more, schedule doctor appointments with an AI, and warn about infection outbreaks.

In the age of active disruption, the healthcare industry seems really outdated. You can get a self-driving car, pay for stuff with contactless cards or even without them — thanks to face recognition, learn almost any skill online, but you can’t rely on technology to save you time or effort when going to the doctor.

Skipped appointments and forgotten medication pick-ups are a common problem. Instead of feeling guilty about…

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Freelancing may be a growing trend, but it is still like the Wild West when it comes to getting paid for your work. Late payments are a common problem faced by front end developers, writers, UX designers, blockchain developers, and everyone else — as someone who has worked remotely for four years, I know this all too well. But compared to the number of people struggling to get paid at all, late payments are nothing.

Jorge’s Story

My friend Jorge, a freelance graphic designer, is desperately trying to get paid for six weeks of his work. A year ago he was hired…

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Governments launching their own cryptocurrencies are a hot topic in the crypto community. Would it be possible to centralize the decentralized?

If governments were allowed to, they would have banned Bitcoin at the early adoption stage. Indeed, many of them tried, but this turned out to be hard to do. Bitcoin and its peers were deemed illegal in Russia for many years, but it didn’t stop anyone from using cryptocurrency. This is the beauty of crypto, the international currency that is more powerful than any single-nation authorities. Once it became clear to officials that they had no way to stop…

Bitcoin may reach a value of $50,000, but that doesn’t mean it is going to make you rich. As much as I am an advocate of Bitcoin, I don’t think this investment is suitable for the majority of people right now.

If you have friends that already own cryptocurrency, you may feel pressured to follow their example. Every success story of someone becoming a millionaire with Bitcoin makes us feel that we are missing out on the financial party. As someone who started watching Bitcoin back in 2012, I often regret not buying it when it cost $200 — the…

Over $30 millions have been spent on crypto collectibles, such as CyrptoKitties, and this market is projected to keep growing. Blockchain technology has created new opportunities for collectors and its possibilities go far beyond non-fungible tokens. For instance, it can protect owners of real-life collectibles from theft and fraud or provide us with a safer global collectibles marketplace.

World of crypto collectibles Collecting rare items in popular online games isn’t a new thing, but blockchain-powered apps have taken this to the next level. If you were to buy unique artifacts in Diablo II or Warcraft, your items would be stored…

Marina G

Explaining blockchain and crypto to ‘normal people’ | Fintech Writer

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