What is the tantric massage?

Tantra is an ancient way of living, which might be described as the practice of unity. This Sanskrit word means “weaving.” Any phenomenon of outer and inner worlds here serves as a raw material for development and growth. Why do we need this? Because we want happiness, not having any understanding where to search it properly. That’s why we should understand that our true nature is the only source of happiness. This knowledge has been kept inside the tradition since ancient time and now shows itself as very much helpful for modern westerners.

What does it come from? The thing we know as the tantric massage was presented to us by German teacher of Neotantra Andro U. Rothe. When some tantric knowledge came to the West, the further developments show that western people are quite hindered in practice by lots of inner tension and blocks, coming out of upbringing in the frame of traditional culture, considering a body as sinful and wicked. The methods of Neotantra were presented as a way of resolving this crucial issue.

Tantric massage is a great possibility to show your partner all the feelings you experience. This kind of massage one does not get at massage saloon because it implies complete unity of two minds, energy, and consciousnesses of two people. It means that the mechanical part is not a priority, but only a part of the technique as a whole. Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine treatise says: “If the consorts massage each other’s soles, not only their health will rise, but mutual attraction either.”

Tantric massage is a nice and smart way to ger rid of all the tension, accumulated during the day, by giving oneself to emotions and feelings. Every movement should be smooth; one should adore one’s partner. Also, the background matters. Anything around the couple should be arranged carefully; every little thing has its proper way, whether it is light or music. No limits exist in this, because your mind, your imagination is limitless. Two people are taking part in the session, so they need to choose the proper roles. One’s going to be the lead; another one is the driven. Both are staying aware and relaxed simultaneously. Leading one shouldn’t follow any subconscious impulses when one’s partner gets a threshold of excitement and passionate languor, then at the peak of these giving one’ s partner the wishful thing. The driven one should follow one’s partner completely. One may describe the relations between practitioners with a metaphor of the two magnetic poles, which exist in opposition being imminently attracted by each other. This way a magnetic axis gets created, revealing the masses of inner energy, which easily might become an ocean of bliss and happiness. Our certified specialists present authentic and skillful understanding of this knowledge without adding the unnecessary mystical component, not promising our guests any spiritual achievements, but suggesting them a lot of practical help instead. They will show you the ways of giving and receiving it/ The sessions carry an atmosphere of cordial, sincere and friendly communication.


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