Wintermute is the leading crypto market maker providing liquidity across most vetted trading platforms

Here is Evgeny’s interview with Etienne Brunnet from euCryptoNewsletter, originally posted here in April 2019.

Background: Most people are unaware that there are more than traders and crypto funds. Moreover, the term market maker does not only include makers that specialize in OTC, dark pools, and execution services but also HFT firms that operate as proprietary trading companies and leverage their algorithms to create liquidity. Wintermute is the latest. They are based in London and have quickly becoming one of the top HFTs.

How did you get into the bitcoin and blockchain industry?

Having spent 10+ years in capital markets and financial services, I’ve seen many inefficiencies and “dead weight”…

Over the past 6 months, I’ve spoken to hundreds of people working in different startups, of different stages, in different geographies and industries. I was also in charge of recruitment for Wintermute Trading, a London-based fintech startup in the digital asset space. As part of that engagement, I explained the pros and cons of working for an earlier stage startup to dozens of people with diverse experiences, life stages, and personal situations. Similar to my own prior background, most of my friends are now 30+, have corporate careers where they achieved some level of financial and hierarchical success. Many of…

Crypto market makers are needed in order to facilitate liquidity among issuers, crypto exchanges and different types of investors.

Originally published by @evgenygaevoy on Hakernooon on June 18, 2018. The artcile was updated to reflect market making realities as per July 7, 2020.

Brilliant idea that cannot be achieved with anything but blockchain. Check. Great technology and product with a real use case. Check. Well designed and well-written whitepaper that hits the investor sweet spot. Check. A star developer team. Check. Bunch of crypto funds and family offices eagerly waiting for your presale to start. Check. Crypto exchanges, willing to list your token for a fraction of Binance’s fee. Check. …

7 mistakes B2B startup founders make when expanding abroad

“How do I expand abroad?” is a frequent question we get asked by early and growth stage B2B startups. This question is particularly important for European startups and companies operating from emerging markets, such as LatAm, India, Russia, and South East Asia. If your home base is not a huge domestic market (like the USA or China) and you have high growth ambitions, international expansion becomes very important very soon.

The list of mistakes below is based on successes and failures we’ve seen across more than hundred B2B companies of all stages and sizes, and is complemented by the best…

Perception of sales among many early startup founders

“Sales” is often an enigma to founders. Many founders, especially the technical types, think that sales is not part of their skillset and it is something that “others” are good at. Working with seed stage startup founders I often hear “I’ll focus on building the product and then I will hire someone to sell.” When forced to think about sales, founders often look for investors or advisors to introduce them to customers or help them hire a star salesman.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Crypto market making; Source: Flickr

Originally published by Evgeny Gaevoy at Hackernoon on August 5, 2018.

Moving into crypto from a traditional “boring” markets like equities or fixed income can be quite refreshing. No regulation, great volatility, exciting instruments and exchanges to trade on. However, there is a darker side to it. Certain practices, long thought to be the Wolf of Wall Street antics in the traditional markets are making a comeback in crypto.

As a market maker in this emerging asset class, I’ve been asked more often than I would have liked to for certain “services” to be added to the package. Crypto projects…

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The best way to protect yourself from the increasing inequality, changing job market, and cognitive ageing is to aggressively invest in the best asset you have — your own brain.

The brain we have as homo sapiens is [arguably] great compared to the brains of other species. Yet it has many well-known limitations. We know that in terms of evolution our brain still thinks we live in the Stone Ages. We know that the dumber “part of” our brain is stronger and quicker than the conscious “part”, and that our “conscious brain” resource — as well as willpower — is rather finite and easily depleted. We know that we are predictably wrong about many things, including the most important decisions we make in our lives [and these are the most…

Marina Gurevich

COO at Wintermute. I help B2B startups grow. Ex-consultant, ex-corporate, INSEAD MBA. Passionate about innovation, technology, psychology and mind models

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