Coming soon…

One of (if not the most) exciting thing about technology is the plethora of new and exciting inventions. Whether these creations are as large as a self-driving car or as small as a new mobile game, there’s always some hope that they may become the next big thing. I’ve spent this past week looking at a few new AI tools that will be coming out soon and these are my three favorites. While these may not become the Bicentennial Man, they have some very promising and intriguing features.

First up is Bridge Kitchen by Bridge, Inc. Like a good majority of people my age, I don’t particularly love to cook or feel comfortable in the kitchen. The last time I tried a recipe that didn’t come on the back of a box, I spent an hour in the grocery store looking for quinoa, saffron, and chipotles en adobo. You can go ahead and imagine how that final product turned out. Bridge Kitchen promises to alleviate these kitchen pains. First, it helps you pick a recipe based on your needs, preferences, and supplies. Then, the tool walks you through each step of the recipe and will answer questions you have as they come up. It also helps you to stick to a timeline if you are cooking for guests or an event, and will pair with any smart appliances you may have in your kitchen.

Next, there’s Ready!. This app promises to sync your calendars, current travel times, weather, and other personalized statistics to keep you on time, all the time. As a person with a perpetually late mother, this may be the app I am most interested in.

Finally, we have Airi by Bellabeat. Its the AI version of a wellness coach. Airi promises to help you make and reach goals from eating healthier to improving your mental health. Rather than just give you alerts and trackers, Airi talks to you through a chatbot to achieve your goals. Its currently in its beta test and claims to be adding new users on a regular basis, so hopefully I will get to try it out soon!