Organized Chaos

The Endless Search for Balance

Black and white, no grey areas; hot and cold — no lukewarm waters that melt all the frost and turn ice into soup. The extremes — the best, the worst, the deadliest. The constant need to pick a side, a swift excuse to avoid the
 in-between. The internal, yet so natural, tendency to stay on the edge. We tip toe until we almost fall, and never stay still for too long. After all, the center is too safe, and it sounds dull — does anything ever happens there?

Few know that the center is where everything comes together. Where left meets right, where white meets black and turns grey — a combination of the egocentric and eccentric; to become concentric. The most experimental, free and liberating of all corners of your mind; being and feeling centered is, ironically, the key to both stillness and movement. A hidden treasure in the endless search of balance — we all have it, some know know it, few find it.

But when it comes down to it, what really is balance? Is it the ability to stay put when the whole world is moving around you, or being able to maintain your own flux when everything is in inertia?

Balance is movement, is stillness and is how you handle the incessant, exquisite shift between the two. It’s to be in perpetual motion when there’s no outer movement, to be continuously led by your own flow.

Only when we flow, we can achieve balance, and only with balance comes self- awareness. A constant state of mindfulness and conscious knowledge; self-awareness is the understanding of your character, desires, feelings, vulnerabilities and their implications on your behavior and impact on others. Self-awareness will teach you to think before speak, and mostly, to listen rather than speak. It resonates and reflects wherever you go, and the more you pursue it, the more you will fathom the concept of balance.

Once you are aware of your own energy and power, you will finally be mindful of your surroundings — the people, their energy, their own vulnerabilities. When a rush of empathy takes over you — for the first time; you will feel the need to share, comprehending that to help yourself you got to help others and vice-versa. And in the process of sharing, you will start to echo — and those echoes will keep coming back to you and other people, in small acts of kindness.

A process of reflection, balance is a daily practice of inner growth and sensibility. It’s understanding the need to appreciate each and every moment for what it is and realizing that the healing comes from letting there be room for grief, relief, for gloom and joy. Balance is experimentation — a compilation of all failures and accomplishments to find expression. It’s a moment of transition, the journey to the center, the shaping of your essence; it’s the secret road that gets to the path less traveled, the only way to become what you are meant to be.