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In the last couple of months, I’ve come across a few ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement by encouraging others to take action and get more involved. If you’re worried that the efforts of a single person won’t do much, here are some ideas to consider!

1. Encourage Your Employer and/or School to Match Donations

By definition, matching contributions means more money going to worthy causes. It also helps encourage others to donate, knowing their contribution will count for more.

I brought the idea of matching contributions up to my manager a couple of times and the CEO of our company was generous enough to personally match 100% of contributions made to organizations fighting systemic prejudice for an entire month! Think how much more was probably donated as a result of that vs. …

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Ethical website best practices are too often overlooked. I admit that even as someone who now carries around a copy of The Better World Shopping Guide with me everywhere, I didn’t think to do my research before I made the mistake — as so many of us do — of selecting GoDaddy as my provider. When I decided to expand my website building hobby into a business, I finally did my research. And what a rude awakening that was!

I hope that this blog post helps prevent you from giving money to companies with values out of alignment with your own. I’ve included information about the providers that I’ve vetted and personally use. I recommend these companies to clients and anyone else who asks. And if you follow one of the links below and decide to make a purchase, not only will you be supporting an ethical provider, you’ll also be helping out my business since I’ll get a small cut. Just to note: I’ve been recommending these providers since before I became an affiliate and would be recommending them without any incentive. …

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I’m not sure if bloggers have always written about morning routines or if it’s just the Year of 1000 Things to do Before 7 AM, but I’ve read a ton of posts on this topic lately. While testing out the different methods, I discovered how much I enjoy starting my days off with sunrise bike rides, morning meditations, pre-breakfast showers, gratitude journaling, etc., etc. But going through a personal to-do list each morning before I can start my professional to-do list? It just wasn’t working for me.

I’m a super organized, “Type A” kind of gal who loves planning. So starting my day with a multi-step morning routine, followed by a predictable schedule, should have been a great fit that resulted in awesome productivity, right? The thing that I discovered about myself — and this may or may not be the case for you — is that the more structured my day is, the easier it is to get off-track. …


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