Autonomy only works if you are responsible and disciplined

What we listen most today is that everyone needs to be autonomous, owning their own lives.

Autonomy: ability to govern by one’s own means.

Being independent, free, living the life that makes sense to you, according to your values, can bring several benefits, as long as you are responsible and disciplined.

Responsibility: obligation to respond for one’s own or others’ actions.

Discipline: order, regulation, conduct that ensures the well-being of individuals or the proper functioning.

I am responsible when something works, but when it does not work, I may not be responsible, because it is easier to blame others or the external (traffic, alarm clock, unexpected changes, etc.).

I am disciplined when I am inserted in an environment that requires it from me. And when I am on my own? The book that never comes out, the video that I try to create for months, the trip that I can not sit to plan, the career change that only depends on me and never happens.

It is no wonder that almost everyone has a ‘boss’: manager, director, client (if you are self-employed). We also have bosses in our personal life: father, mother, husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, even our own children. There is always someone ‘bossing’ at you.

Instead of complaining about people bossing at you, thank them!

It is possible to be autonomous, but if you are not 100% responsible for your actions and disciplined enough to continue the projects that matter only to you, I am sorry to inform that autonomy will not reach you until you try to develop yourself to reach autonomy.