Cyberbully “What do you do?”

“If you’re the victim of hacker, which has long been watching you and has full access to your computer, what do you do? “

Cyberbully is a fresh British television film that premiered January 15th on Channel 4, with Maisie Williams in the main role. She is familiar to most audiences as major character Arya Stark in the famous television series produced by the HBO cable network. This film is categorized as a solo performance, which means that actress plays alone throughout the film. In my view, the main character justified all the expectations of viewers, therefore the film turned out good.
Like many teenagers, Casey suffers from various complexes about their look, which is why she loses confidence. She adopts antidepressants which become known to all in school through post of her ex-boyfriend. Then she asks her hacker friend Alex take revenge on ex. Alex begins to blackmail Casey by posting her intimate photos on the Internet. The topic of “Virtual relationship” is conveyed through the computer and other devices.
It seems to be weird that Casey has a fear of posting her intimate photos on social networks. I agree that it is an unpleasant situation, but in fact, some celebrities’ ICloud accounts were hacked and it is already in the past. What am I trying to say, that people sometimes create drama out of nothing.
One more reason to be disappointed is unfinished intrigues that lowered the rating of the film. Throughout story the main character and viewers plagued by some virtual person and it was obvious that the end must be logically completed. My interest had been greatly excited, however, had not been altogether satisfied.


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