How to Grow Revenue from Social Media

This blog is for small biz owners looking for a simple way to attract and create faithful customers easily (and at no or cheap cost).

Simple answer: Social Media.

While hiring a full-time community manager might be the best way to achieve your digital goals, it is not the most money-wise one. Two others options are contacting a consultant, or taking care of it yourself. Here’s how:

Attract Your Target Customer

Getting your business discovered on Social Media has never been easier. With tens of options to choose from, small biz owners can quickly and easily put their products and services into the spotlight and discover a new way of selling. Social Media will help you do just that.

You can get started selling your brand and products on Social Media with these simple steps:
☑️ Create an account on the best social media platform for your business (also see ‘Must-Have Social Media Tools for Small Businesses’)
☑️ Enter your website link and important information (what you do, how you can help your target customer reach their goals, your brand’s story…)
☑️ Showcase your logo and an attractive cover image (highlighting your products or services)
☑️ Consistently update your account with your new products, offers, and content.

The secret is creating varied content to attract, engage, convert and close your audience into customers, then entertain the existing ones for them to become promoters of your brand. Yes, promoters. For free. With a product and service they love, you’d be amazed what people will do.

Converting Your Audience Into Leads

Before you can sell your product, you have to convert your audience. A good way of converting future customers is offering freebies. If you have samples to giveaway, ask them to register for a Free Trial. By doing so, you’ll get their personal information and know more about what they are interested in.

Make sure to create a list depending on what they download in order to to be able to re-target them with upcoming offers.

Once you have got acquainted with the problems and goals of your audience, you can provide them with solutions (That’s when your product and/or services enter the game).

Example: You own a spa in a small city. Your target audience is the stay-at-home mom raising 2 kids. How are you going to close her as a customer?
☑️ Post a blog about how to take care of yourself as a full-time Mom — with the suggestion to take a day off at the spa.
☑️ Offer an ‘exclusive’ free spa session for Moms on — say Wednesday afternoon — and call all the Moms on social media to share this offer with their friends.
☑️ Ask them to register for a Free Spa time on a specific landing page to gather their information and send-out invitations by email.

Simple huh?

Let’s hop onto the next phase. Here’s how to close the deal:

Closing the Deal

Now that your small town’s moms had a great Wednesday afternoon at your spa, how do you make sure they come back?

Let’s go back to your digital persona. She’s a stay-at-home mom desperate for some ‘ME’ time.

Did someone say free-detox-smoothies? Yes, YOU did.

As an example, you can create a new offer (payable, this time) with 1 free detox smoothies offered for each group of moms on specific days.

Let’s say, ‘bring a couple friends and get yourselves a free detox smoothies to go along your hot-stone massage’ 😉

You can continue to attract new customers by generating a conversation. Group freebies will ensure that moms that came to try-out your spa alone will talk to their friends, and will come back to you.

Keep your Prospect Close & Your Customer Closer

After the sell is done, you have to continue to provide quality content for your customers. Why? Many studies proved it is easier (and cheaper) to re-target existing customers rather than acquiring new ones.

Keep in mind that in 2018, word of mouth and good reviews by close friends go a long way before advertising. To get people to talk about your brand on social media and promote it for you, create a social media contest.

One last advice: Always keep your natural brand voice and focus on creating a pleasing atmosphere around your brand instead of trying to actually sell. They’ll come running, I promise.

Do you need a consultant or a creative designer to make your brand look attractive? Contact me on LinkedIn for a free status report.