À mes cousines adorées

Mon Éternité à moi,

C’est vous.

Je vous berce, vous entoure,

Et vous fais flotter,

De mon amour.

Je suis une force tranquille,

Et vous le sel de ma vie,

Mes filles.

Je suis l’Océan.

Et glissent sur moi les reflets argent,

Du temps.

Je suis une aventure,

Vécue sans amertume,


Je suis un ciel gris,

Ou bleu aussi,

Et je reste ici.

Je suis le souffle protecteur,

Qui fait gonfler vos voiles,

Mes cœurs.

Je suis l’Océan.

Vous êtes l’Horizon.

Au loin, nous ne formons plus qu’un.

Et souffle un vent léger,

La vie ne fait que commencer…

Goldup | Sessions 2, 3 & 4

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Brand it. Give it a spirit, a conscience, a strong, unique and radical personality. Only then will you get an immortal company.

During those past 3 Goldup sessions, I have been focusing on one main thing: growth, like it has also been the focus of my whole professional life so far.

  1. As the first employee at Cheerz, I pushed digital acquisition from 10 orders a day to 1000 in just 3 years.
  2. As an entrepreneur myself with Sorato, I spent 2 years growing my own online shop and managed to make 80K in revenue by building a strong brand and…

Goldup | Session 1

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Goldup First Class (the best)

Last Saturday, I’ve kick-started Goldup’s first class. I welcomed 20 women willing to learn how to launch their own profitable online business to The Family’s house in Berlin. For this very special session, Goldies came from everywhere — from Berlin to Toulouse, from Munich to Prague, and even Qatar!

As the head of this BADASS program, I’d like to share what happened using 6 very simple observations. After all, 6 is our lucky number ;)

1. Anything new is at first seen as ridiculous, then dangerous… But finally, it becomes obvious

Courage is required to decide to start something new. That’s why the very 1st thing I told my first class of Goldies was: BRAVO.


Goldup | Launch

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Sorato — Selling unique handcrafted bags online

I am 28 years old and it feels like I’ve already lived 6 different lives. One of them was as a proud Parisian fashion designer. Two years ago, I was opening my own workshop in Paris where I could happily and finally… sew in peace.

Piece by piece, blood, sweat and tears, I loved it. Sewing bags and kimonos alongside talented seamstresses was like meditating for me. I loved the adrenaline and the energy coming from starting something from scratch. You don’t know where you’re going, but the beauty is the journey — right? You don’t know what’s coming, so…

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