Upcycle Your Old Instant Coffee Containers into Stackable Blackboard Containers

So, you know how you have a large collection of those Instant Coffee Containers that you’ve collected over the past few weeks. The ones you have because you have a serious addiction to French Vanilla. Hmm.. what do you mean you don’t have a collection of these sweet, empty, aroma filled pockets of gold just lying around your house?!

How do you even live… I digress.

Anyways, my wife just recently finished working on a neat blackboard that she hung in our kitchen so we can make a grocery list each time we run out of something. It’s pretty awesome. She made it from reused pallet wood. I’ll have to write about how it was made in a future post.

After working on the blackboard she had a lot of blackboard spray paint still left over from her project. Seeing an opportunity to get rid of… reuse… all the containers piled up in our kitchen, she decided to use the rest of the blackboard paint to turn them into Stackable Blackboard Containers so we can store odds and ends in our craft/wood working shop.

It’s a clever use for these containers. Since they stack up like legos they take up very little space, and by turning them into little blackboards you can label them to store anything.

  1. ) First, she started by removing the caps off the containers and placing them on the ground on some cardboard.


2.) Next she got the blackboard paint spray can.


3.) After spraying her first coat of paint she waited 15 minutes for it to dry. Followed by another 15 minutes on the back side.


4.) Next she sprayed the second coat on the containers and waited another 15 minutes for it to dry. Followed again by another 15 minutes on the back side.


5.) Once the containers were completely covered in paint and dried, she put the tops back on.

Now that they are done we’re going to mostly use them for storing little things around the shop.

Pretty simple to make and useful. Overall it took about 1 hour to make.

Hope you enjoyed this little do-it-yourself tutorial. Keep crafting friends.

— Marin Made Crafts —

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