Forever my HLP ❤
Ivette Serna

The saddest part of this story is that the writer still has no clue what hit her. I thought she knew when she wrote: “I realized I had entered a competition with hundreds of other families to “win” a roof over my head.” This means housing shortage. When there are hundreds of people applying for the same apartment it means there are not enough apartments. But the writer doesn’t advocate for more apartments, she advocates for more rent control. No amount of rent control will create more affordable housing. See Santa Monica, New York, San Francisco. Every time a vacancy occurs the landlord can give the apartment to the highest bidder. The only solution is to start building housing instead of parking lots and we also need to update our house building technology and approval processes to make it fast, inexpensive and efficient. Right now the city’s building bureaucracy favors upscaling existing housing over creating new units. It’s easier to double the size of a house than create two units out of one house. It should be the other way around. But everyone, rich and poor protests new units in the name of parking and traffic. We love our cars so much, we’ll end up sleeping in them.