Indahash Gives Award Based on Influencer Marketing At Blockchain

Introducing What is Indahsh,
New breakthroughs in technology with the method and also about the development in the modern era, the more advanced where breakthrough breakthrough is now emerging to make improvements, and also the development of technology that can be used and also can be owned. Benefit in the present and also in the future, we will introduce here what is Indahash, which is a new breakthrough in the world of marketing and also improve the quality of the market or the market to earn income or profit that will be much better and also increasing, and at the Indahash program where they have a good vision to create a comprehensive global marketplace and also bring together influencers that will create a unified and equitable benefit worldwide, or globally, and will also improve existing marketing strategies. much better and also increase in the present or future time.

Indahash is a breakthrough in the structure and also the concept based on it has been implemented on the marketing platform, which in platfrom has a very good purpose that is in creating good opportunities in marketing and also create a good income or profit. and create the interaction between influencers as well as various clients, to bring togetherness and also will improve the quality of influencers much better and also increasing.

It is Important to Know Indahash

Various elements that exist in Indahash which have functions include:

Thanks to a well thought-out chemical cryptto, IndaHash Coin will be the world’s common cryptography to complete all influencer activity that reflects the growing market value. With the introduction of IndaHash Coin, we want to balance the marketing world of influencers and solve problems and challenges between influencers, brands and fan bases.

The power of each influencer is not only visible from the reach but also the ability to exert real influence through the attitude, behavior, and intentions of composers. IndaHash introduces a system that will assess fan activity and add jumblah influencer tokens that have been granted for the event. Fans who receive tokens will have the opportunity to exchange personal needs with their influencers.

New features will change the way influencers and brands work big and small, which can allow them to get discounts on other products and services. This feature will significantly increase the chances of the brand getting genuine reviews of the desired trendsetters.

With this structure in clear and transparent performance, it will provide good value and benefits, which will create easy-to-understand interactions, and it is also easy to operate with the procedures and regulations that apply to platfrom.

Advantages of A Indahash on life:

  1. Increase a market value that will be much better in the future.
  2. Increase profit or income that will be better and also more structured.
  3. Will bring more and more interaction of transaction interactions.
  4. Create a big market and also have a community that will be more.
  5. Stretegi marketing will be much better and also more efiesen.

Structure Of Distribution Tokens Indahash

80% of all coins are available during Pre-ICO and ICO. A maximum of 20% of the total stock of coins will be used to involve influencers to the promotion of beautiful coins, fostering application loyalty and gamification features.

Zero tokens will be redistributed to a beautiful team, instead, we will implement a “buyback” program. This will greatly reduce the probability of a one-day exchange of dumps occurring in the most recent token entering the market. No more than 2% of all beautiful coins issued will be used for bounty and promotional campaigns

Symbol : IDH
Maximum supply : 400 000 000 IDH
Available in pre & main ICO (hard cap) : 320 000 000 IDH
Emission rate : No new tokens will ever be created
Exchange rates during main ICO :
Week 1 1ETH = 3840 IDH (20% bonus)
Week 2 1ETH = 3520 IDH (10% bonus)
Week 3 1 ETH =3200 IDH (0% bonus)
Minimum transaction amount : 0.5 ETH
Main ICO distribution period :
from: 03:00pm UTC Nov 29th 2017
To: 03:00pm UTC Dec 20th 2017
Token distribution : Smart contract will distribute tokens instantly after successful transfer of ETH
Minimum goal(inc.Pre-ICO)(soft cap) : 40 000 000 IDH
Hardcap (inc.Pre-ICO) : 320 000 000 IDH

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