Being Interruptible

I am currently reading a book, I cannot remember the name of it at the moment, about being a good neighbor. The author presented a principle that I find incredibly capable of spurning tremendous change in our world; he calls it being interruptible. The timing of me reading about this principle could not have been better.

Lynden was crying. It was the middle of the night. I was tired. Not a good mix. I got up and fed her. My attitude was poor at best. I was being interrupted and I did not like it one bit. My wife awoke to the crying as well. She saw how bothered I was by it all and offered to feed Lynden. I declined and “fulfilled my duty”.

I did not know it at the time but once I finished feeding Lynden it was 4:50 AM. I had planned to be up at 5. In hindsight this was not that big of an interruption, but it got the wheels turning on my content for this post. The way that I handled the interruption did not sit well with me. Let the wrestling match with my thoughts begin!

I went downstairs and prepared my coffee. As I sat on my chair and read I came across the idea of allowing ourselves to intentionally be interrupted. They were the perfect words for me to read this morning. I asked myself, has my life reached a point where I am above being taken away from my agenda? Is my kingdom that I have constructed for myself worth that much more than everyone else’s? The truth serum that I took down this morning hurt on the way down, but it showed me a glaring truth…boy am I selfish.

I had a meeting with a friend at 7 a Starbucks. I left the house early in order to be able to write this post before he arrived. It is almost 9. Interrupted again. Upon arriving at Starbucks I ran into another buddy of mine who I had been longing to catch up with for quite some time now. I jumped at the opportunity, at the peril of getting my writing done. It was worth it.

My 7 meeting went great. I had a timeline for the meeting. We went over. Our conversation was deep and meaningful and was much more valuable to me than sticking to my plan and writing. Interrupted again, but once again it was worth it. I was beginning to extract a truth from the principle of being interruptible. It pretty much always seems worthwhile.

Perhaps my biggest litmus test of being interruptible will come once I am done writing this post. I will close my laptop, leave Starbucks and head home. I have a call I need to be on at 2, but until then I am choosing to spend time with my family rather than work. This interruption is being orchestrated by me. My schedule, my work, and my kingdom have taken a place that they should not possess.

Today has presented itself with an opportunity for me to practice what I believe. My schedule, my work and my kingdom belong to other people. Other folks have every right to kick open the doors of my life and take a seat on my couch. My only aim when others interrupt “my life” is to be a good and gracious host.