It looks different

It is just after 9 AM. Normally I am writing between 6–630 AM. That’s different. All three of my kids are awake. One of them is riding his bike around the house, whooshing by me periodically as I write. The other is having a story read to her my mommy. There is lots going on around here. Normally when I write you can hear a pin drop. That’s different. Today looks different than my normal’, let me explain why.

The plot

I awoke this morning to Lynden, my 3 week old, crying because it was her time to eat. It was 430 AM. So far this is normal. I got out of bed and took Lynden downstairs so we could get her fed. As I was feeding Lynden, I took stock of the fact that I was finding it extremely hard to stay awake. Normal-ly I am good to go for the day and while feeding Lynden I begin to think about all of the things I need to do during the day. Today I could not focus. That’s different.

At this point I had a remarkable thought. Why don’t I feed Lynden and then lay down with her in the guest bedroom downstairs for a bit and get a tad more sleep? My initial reaction was ‘no way’. The more I thought about it the more I berated myself for even having such a thought. There is lots of work to be done today and I just need to muscle through. I mean I’m a mindset coach, hadn’t I ever heard of grit?

The Crescendo

Pushing through being tired, that’s normal. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”, that’s a common quote. The culture had gripped me and was messing with my mind. I had to fight against it. I know myself well enough to know that my body was asking for something it desperately needed, some more sleep. As a good steward of my body I felt obligated to give it what it was asking me for. Thus I walked over to the guest room with Lynden and laid down.

What I did was not normal for most folks. I know that in “entrepreneur land” what I did was equivalent to committing a cardinal sin. How could I possibly sleep at a time when there was work to be done? The general consensus is that a person such as myself that does this does not really care about being successful. “Oh that guy Mario, he isn’t about the grind.”

Permission to speak

Here are my thoughts on all of this ‘grind til you die/make it/die trying’ and whatever else folks out there are saying these days. It’s terrible advice. The worst part about it is that even a guy like me that can see through the fallacy in such a mindset gets sucked into it from time to time. Why? It’s the American way. I say that the American way need a revamping. If I don’t get that little extra 90 minutes of sleep this morning (plus a nap today that I will also be taking because I know I could use it), then I run the risk of getting sick. Can I work when I am sick? Ok, your argument is I don’t end up getting sick but I’m so sleep deprived that I resemble a zombie as I sit down at my laptop, how effective can I be in my work there? I will actually walk this out even further. I have a wife and family that I am responsible for spending time with and caring for. Being “all there” for them is also of utmost importance. To land the plane for today, my day definitely looks different than it normally does. As I sat down to eat a late breakfast however I felt much better about how today is going to pan out.