Lightning in a Bottle

I woke up inspired. Let’s write! The hard part today is going to be figuring out the single thing I want to type through. Man I have so much to write about. No, not really, I don’t have a thing.

Then why write? I mean if I don’t have anything to write then why write at all? Eyes the prize Mario, do not loose your focus. Let’s take this back to the top, why did I begin writing in the first place? Oh yeah, to stick to a goal to write for 60 days in a row in order to get better at writing.

I eventually want to write a book. How am I going to prepare myself today to be able to do that at some point? Let me think for a second…write! Today’s post may not be very good in terms of content, but does it always need to be? I mean its completely plausible that anyone that has read a couple of these posts by now may argue that none of them have been good. Once again, eyes on the prize Mario.

Now to give those of you reading this something to ponder. Growth and improvement are not always measurable or apparent. My 4 week old (today as a matter of fact) daughter is growing a tremendous amount each day. She is producing new cells and her body is going through all kinds of changes. I cannot see them down to the micro level, but I know it’s happening. If you show me a picture of her at age 10 and now at 4 weeks I will surely see these changes and growth, but right now I am taking it on faith that those things are indeed happening.

As I struggle to come up with something everyday to write about, I know that growth is happening. The content may not be great, my grammar and vocabulary may not be the best you’ve ever read, but there are micro changes occurring which none of us can see. I am writing each day, so I know that they are happening. Some time down the road I will be able to compare my writing now to then and it will be visibly apparent.

The twist I’l throw in and leave with is that even if the improvement in my writing is not apparent, I will still be content to have undertaken the journey. I am not seeking a result. I am not seeking a book deal. I am simply traveling on a journey where I expand my skills and take on a new challenge. I read a great article this morning ( asked a simple question “are you better today than you were yesterday”. I just finished writing my daily post, so the answer is a resounding yes!