Memorial…if you remember

A buddy f mine sent this to us. This is a memorial set up at Miami International Airport.

I have come to this conclusion, nothing is really a habit. Think about it. If things could truly become a habit then we would not need to put any conscious thought into that which we believe to be a habit. Even brushing my teeth is a habit because I still need to put some thought into doing it.

I haven’t written in two days. I thought about writing. but not at a time when I was going to be able to. I would be with my family or riding my bike and then think “hey, you haven’t written today”. Before I knew it the day ended and I did not write. This happened on 2 consecutive days. It’s rainy out today so I am camping it out inside; time to put the streak to an end.

It’s Memorial Day weekend so I do have something to write about. I have a little more skin in the game when it comes to this holiday however. An old college teammate of mine was killed while serving his country in Iraq. He was going to be one of my groomsmen in my wedding. His dad obliged to stand in his place during the ceremony. It was emotional.

I did a video the other day however that asked folks to have a different perspective this weekend. Lots of folks will grill out and drink some fermented beverages in memory of those that have given their lives for our great country. What about those folks near to us that are still here? Can Memorial Day weekend serve a dual purpose?

When I think about Michael Felsburg, my buddy who died for us in Iraq, my thoughts gravitate towards how great of a man he was. My mind runs through memories of him. Then I think about my wife and kids and how I would feel if they were not around for whatever reason. Mike’s death served a huge purpose in my life. It preserved my freedom that I enjoy in this country. It also serves as a constant reminder of the habit of loving those around me that I am not so good at being consistent with sometimes.

There, I broke my 2 day streak of not writing. Time to make writing a “habit” again. Honestly though this piece I just wrote served a greater role in that it reminded me of the most important habit of all, to love my fellow man. I hope you all enjoy a wonderful Memorial Day tomorrow and that you do so in the company of folks that have made your life the special thing that it is.