The Giro d’ Italia starts today. It is one of the 3 Grand Tours on the UCI Pro Tour (next to the Tour de France and the Vuelta de España). I am a bit more giddy this morning as the Giro is my favorite of the Grand Tours. Here are some reasons why:

  1. It’s the first GT of the season. Up to now there have been week long races but nothing longer than that. This gives the Giro that extra buzz surrounding it.
  2. The atmosphere. I am Hispanic, so I can side with the passion, flair (the official color of the race is pink) and energy surrounding the race.
  3. I love the parcour (the course). The Giro has long steep climbs that make the race a bit less predictable. At any given moment you could see a race favorite blow up on the ridiculously steep pitches they will take on.
  4. The racing generally tends to be a bit more wide open. The money for the teams lie in doing well in the Tour de France. The Tour de France is the grandest stage the riders will perform on all season so it’s usually all hands on deck for that GT. This leaves less importance on the Giro and thus the racing is not as methodical and controlled (generally speaking), which makes for better viewership.

I take the opportunity to watch the Italian feed for this race. I speak Spanish, so Italian is not a far cry from it. I have been watching Italian feeds for this race long enough now that I understand much of what the commentators are saying. In addition, I take the opportunity during the Giro to hop on DuoLingo and learn some more Italian.

As you can see, I am tickled pink about the Giro d’ Italia and am really looking forward to an entertaining next 21 days of racing!