The issue

Everything is in disarray. Chaos abounds. Things don’t seem to fit together. This life is a mess. I have these kinds of thoughts at times, but I’ve begun to ask myself a great question when I feel this way…according to who? My answer is simple, according to myself. Duh, who else’s lenses would I be looking at my daily toils through? With this perspective I have reached the root of my problem.

The perspective

Am I the only human being in my home? In my city? In my world? Are there other living things in this universe that also march to the beat of the drum? My next logical question is where’s the drum and what’s the beat?

The not so clear answer

The drum, drummer, and what beat is being played is up for discussion. It will depend on your personal beliefs and who you feel is “in charge”. Either way, there is a lot going on in this universe in a given moment. Am I to believe that everything that happens to me needs to make perfect sense and fit well within the parameters of what I feel my life should look like? I reflect on how selfish that perspective is since that same event may make absolutely no sense to the neighbor. What I am communicating with this mindset is “oh well they’re on their own there”. Wow, isn’t that selfish?

A different perspective

It has taken me a while, a long while, but I have finally stumbled upon a great principle to center my life around. Amor fati. What if I forgot about the premise that life and the events that occur in this world have to make perfect sense? What if I just did my best to march, as best I could, to whatever beat is being played? It’s often times nerve wracking but I have resigned myself to the truth that often times I will not even know the beat ahead of time! Do I need to? Can I not just enjoy each moment and learn to sing or dance to that particular drum beat in the moment?

The truth

You see, when it all boils down to it there are a whole lot of beats going on even right now. The satisfaction for an individual comes when they can enjoy their beat and mesh it with the beat of another to make an even better sound. Any beat can sound magnificent at any given time because it’s not the beat that makes it so but the individuals sweet song or dance applied to it.