The wind is already blowing at a pretty good clip as I type this just before 6 AM. The weather men talk about the amount of instability in the atmosphere and the chance for some severe weather here in Texas today. Storms are coming, or are they? What’s the balance I often wonder. I find myself checking weather reports days in advance, I need to know; but how often is the weather on the day that I was obsessing over not as it was predicted? To be utterly unprepared is one thing, but to be anxious about events that have not yet occured and which I honestly have no control over is not a good practice either. It is the same in life. We should be prepared for storms because they most assuredly will pop up, but should we obsess about when they will come and how severe they will be? My thought is better yet we should ‘obsess’ over cultuvating a mindset that would take in the facts of what did or did not happen and then act accordingly.

Here is a good Tweet I found this morning that drives this point home well: