Work Block Woes

I have so much to do, but so little time. Time is not on my side, it is the enemy, but is it really? One of the things I’ve learned from reading stoicism is that it is downright foolish to allow inanimate things to affect us. Time is not alive. It is a thing. Don’t ask me to describe it though, I would need more coffee to do that.

So how am I viewing time today? It exists. Seconds will turn into minutes and minutes into hours. At some point I will retire to bed. I will make the best use of every second, minute and hour that I can, but I will not allow them to make me feel a certain way. I aim to scrap the notion of time from my head and simply plug into the process of doing productive things with my time.

I am currently in my office getting things done. Actually, it’s a walk-in closet in my house, but it is quiet and allows me to get into my zone. Random thought time, perhaps I should move my coffee machine in here. Whoa, that would rock! Now I have coffee on my brain, but I will finish writing this post before I go downstairs to make myself some.

I digressed, let me get back to my thoughts. Let me calm down. Let me get focused again on what will make time irrelevant…using it wisely. If I can fill 60 seconds with a purposeful task, then time is my ally. Time is nothing standing alone. It becomes something, good or bad, when I look at how I am using it as a resource. Thus far today I am doing a stellar job with my time. I need not get haughty however, because I know that time also needs to be respected for what it can cause if not used wisely. My eyes need be always on the clock.