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IEO Hype Mario Nawfal

The IEO Hype Is Real:

According to CoinSchedule, 2019s new wave of hype known as Initial Exchange Offerings has already raised $180m even in the midst of a brutal bear market. This would have made sense if we’re in a massive bull run again but remember we’re in the midst of a bear market! Human nature is unbelievable, I did not expect this hype!

IEO’s Are Not A Scam:

Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara says that IEOs have the potential to get bigger than ICOs, which bloomed in 2017. …

The recent bitcoin bounce to over $5,000 got the space buzzing again, attracting many individuals and businesses that left the space during the 2018/19 bear market. What frustrates me more is that the media, including shows I enjoy watching like Crypto Trader by CNBC Africa, are all obsessed with the price again, claiming (seems more like hoping) the bear market has come to an end (and I don’t blame them as their goal is to provide information that is of value to their audience)

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Is It Though?

Well…is the bear market over? I speak to enough people and am in a great position to know the answer! Or at least that what’s the press and other stakeholders believe as they barrage me with the same useless time-wasting question. …

It’s the 8th of April 2019, and all I can say is: “It’s been a hell of a ride”. I feel absolutely privileged to have watched this industry grow from its stages of infancy to where we are right now. BTC just re-hit the 5200$ mark, ICOs have started taking their projects a lot more seriously, the charlatans of the industry are slowly being jailed. And most importantly, we are about to see the introduction of a ‘new’ funding method, the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

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Before I jump right into Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO), I thought it’d be best to look at the industry in retrospect. My other non-crypto companies (supported by many studies) have taught me that past data can grant insights into future forecasts, and I find it to be quintessential that we, as an industry learn from the past, and apply our understandings into the future. …


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