The King of the Rain

Please, a little shelter: it’s raining outside” — said the newspapers to the King of the Rain …

Facebook Wants To Host News Content From NYT, Buzzfeed
It’s been reported a few times Now That Facebook plans to host third-party content on the ITS site, but today The New York Times That Has shared a handful of …

The excessive power of communication of social networks, especially Facebook, is now a historical fact. People are all there. We all are there. Apart from some sporadic and stubborn pocket of resistance of those who don’t want to go beyond the traditional email and website.

I was just thinking how little sense it makes this eternal struggle with the windmills of the printed newspapers (as of most online newspapers and even her-ridiculous-majesty the tv) to bring readers from Facebook to their site for unfairly sell’em their “information“ and most of all their advertising.

The all new labored attempt of the vertical - “name” based, caste driven, owned by self-believing-powerful connected men, authoritarian and focused on a last century vision — ‘’information”,

given as “truth” to the masses deliberately kept in ignorance —

the all new labored attempt — we say — to recycle itself in the age of horizontal and democratic (yes, even in the sense of chaotic) information, based on the “anyone”, on equality and real-time exchange.

The classic empty the ocean with a bucket

The masters of “professional knowledge”, those pedantic and obliging and overeating and revered so-called “big names” — asking refuge in the temple of the unsigned people, among the angry and the hungry that do not revere anyone anymore.

The spectacular parade of the lords of the report that try to sneak into the chatter of what I cooked today

It’s a bug in the system that will be clearly resolved, someway.

Now we are at the stage of negotiation. Even the New York Times is lowered to ask a sheltered corner on Facebook.

That’s not the solution. Quite the contrary. But meanwhile they sell

dearly their skin. Business as usual.

And it rains …

mario albrizio


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