“Why do you recommend not to buy a mac but own one?”

TL;DR: I’m still using a MacBook Pro just because I need Aperture.app, I love the terminal and MacOS UI is still good — But I think new power users should head to Linux for programming, and Windows for Photography and Video Production.

the main reason I still use MacOS: Aperture.app

Lately I had a lot of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances asking me about if they should buy a Mac (most of them completely sure that I would recommend it) and to be completely sincere, most of the time I said no. First of all, read this article (it was written at the same time I was thinking about this), the verge nails it with this analysis of the current state of the Laptop — it’s really hard to pick a laptop this year (2016–2017).

The new macbook pros 2016 look like a step in the wrong direction but let me be clear, since the rise of the iPhone, I have noticed the lack of quality on their products (mostly pro line). I see that Apple has become a consumer electronics company, it no longer makes profits from high end computers for professional consumers. They still make great stuff, but their objective is to make a lot of money, not just money (you just have to see the specs of their products, the excuse “it just works” no longer applies); check the awful stories about repairing the new macs on this youtube channel.

So, in this day and age of Windows being some what decent, android phones and tables, SSD drives and 16gb of ram at reasonable prices there’s no reason for going for a Mac, you can do a lot with PCs, it doesn’t matter if you are a programmer, a photographer, a video editor or part of any tech related profession, you can do everything the mac does in a pc that cost way less.

I still use mac for a couple of reasons, and I think I have one of the best MBP ever.

After two years, it’s still a beast of a laptop and all the apps I need and use work just flawlessly, of course, I had to sell my soul for this laptop, but I couldn’t be happier, but my fear is in the future, they are not going to make these like they used to.

So the reasons I stay on MacOS:

  • aperture.app
    I love photography and I still haven’t found a replacement for this app, not just the editing, the whole library approach and the speed is amazing (this app works great on fragmented libraries, my work flow uses multiple libraries by date, stored in a thunderbolt drive, with back ups in usb3 smaller drives that I rotate) I’m testing LR and OneCapture, but still not sure if I should migrate all there, and the subscription paying model is not worth it for me (this is a hobby of mine, not a professional tool) so I cannot afford to pay every month.
  • UNIX integration
    I’m a software engineer and I need control over all the computer I’m using. It saves my life (one keystoke at a time) — I use the mouse but for most heavy tasks I use the teminal and I use opensource tools that exist on Win o Linux, but these tools works seamlessly on this machine, integrated to the rest of the os and the tools bring the best of the stuff I’ve seen in Linux with the convenience of using the MacOs UI (terminal, iTerm)
  • Sublime Text / VI — my favorite tools are easily customizable on MacOS

But these are the reasons why you shouldn’t:

  • Windows has all the good Pro apps too. If you are a professional photographer all you need is Lightroom or CaptureOne. If you are into video, You probably left Final Cut Pro X a while ago, and Premiere, after effects, cinema 4d, 3d apps and all that are on windows, so unless your workflow requires a apple pro res codec, you are good to go with windows. You can buy a serious desktop pc with a lot of ram and ssd and graphic cards and way cheaper than a Mac Pro or highend iMac or high end MacBook Pro. with your savings you can buy software or subscriptions.

if you are going to develop for iOS then you’ll need a mac, if you are going to develop games then you’ll probably need a windows pc.

For webapps, android apps, server side applications, you probably can do it everywhere, (I mostly work in windows with Cygwin, PowerShell and on linux with terminator . Sublime Text and Vim as editors). At the office and using Windows 7. That’s enough Windows for me.

My workflow needs MacOs for the moment, but I think it is time to start thinking about a Hackintosh or going to Ubuntu (or a better distro) for my daily needs and going Windows for my Photo workflow. What are you using? do you have experience switching from one os to another? Am I the only one who codes and takes pictures and edits movies?

2017 Update: Apple admits that they don’t care about Pro users, apologizes mostly about Mac Pro.

2017 Update 2: More info about the Mac Pro Apology on Accidental Tech Podcast: APOLOGY MAC PRO http://atp.fm/episodes/217

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