School Education — under pressure

Yesterday in therapy an insight came to my mind regarding education and how students behave towards it. I'm talking about school education, where we used to go and stay sit from 7:15 AM to 12:50 PM, with a 20/30 minutes break.

Summarizing it, the classes were about listening the teacher and copying whatever was written in the chalkboard. Often we had homework to improve our understanding of the subject. And after 2 months, there would be a test to prove that you really learned what you were supposed to.

As the tests had the biggest weight, in order to have good grades it was like the real objective. And there starts our matter (and problem). Parents often want their kids to grow up and be successful, go to College, get a good job etc.. But how do they guide us through this early learning process? I would guess, in the majority of times, it is through impositions like "You have to study! Sit down and read! Answer those questions! Solve those problems!" and punishments when goals are not met, "No more PC for you! You can't go out this month!".

It is hard to be a parent. They work, study, go out, buy things for the house, buy food, prepare food, clean the house, care for us. It is a never ending cycle of responsibilities that have their toll. So, I'm not blaming them in this post.

Everyone in this world in under some kind of pressure. But our learning doesn’t strive when you got something else bringing you down.

What I was thinking yesteday was about how do we transform learning in something we WANT for real. When we want knowledge it is so much easier to learn about something. How do we overcome this wicked sense of obligation?


In my experience, at least, curiosity led me to real learning. Subjects get exciting because everything in the world seems like a puzzle with scrambled pieces and YOU CAN put them together and YOU WILL, because it is so interesting now. You are not doing it just because you were obligated to do so.

Without that heavy burden, we can excel in any subject. This is a calling to our curiosity. Instead of putting all responsibilities in the world on our shoulders, let's learn because it is interesting. How does the world work? How did we get here, by what means? How do our minds and body operate and cooperate? Why do we do this and not that? There are tons of things we can learn about, just a click away.

Teaching is overestimated, learning is underestimated. We only keep important things in our minds. And those important things are subjective. Therefore, how do we feed our curiosity (and consequential learning)? What are the requirements of your brain?

This is my first post written in English. Feedback is much appreciated.

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