BREAKING: We’re Nominated for TWO Emmy Awards!

Mario Armstrong
Feb 23, 2018 · 2 min read

I am unbelievably excited to share this announcement with all of you! The Never Settle Show has been nominated for TWO Emmy Awards! Not one but TWO!!!

This has been an incredible journey that wouldn’t have been possible without YOU.

To be nominated for TWO Emmy Awards is a substantial honor for everyone who touched this show — whether you were a producer or a viewer, a camera operator or a Facebook Live commenter: THESE NOMINATIONS ARE FOR YOU.

Being nominated means we’ve already won! When we created the Never Settle Show, we had a dream to deliver a positive and inspiring show that would re-invent the talk show format by bringing passion, hard work, real interviews, homework, emoji pillows, a pre-show networking reception, an in-studio audience and especially live social media interactivity into the mix.

Watch my reaction to the nomination!

Week after week, YOU voted in our polls, YOU asked our guests tough questions, YOU made friends and connections with new people in the live chat, YOU talked about our on-set cartoonist and band and social media team, YOU created hashtags and YOU laughed and cried right alongside us.


When we created the Never Settle Show we wanted to bring a message of inspiration, substance and actionable advice into viewers homes each week. MILLIONS of YOU responded to that message, tuning in to the show & sharing it with your friends, family and networks.


When we were getting turned down and getting all those NO’s, we asked YOU what we should do. During our surveys and crowd production meetings each week, YOU told us you’d watch the show on Facebook Live, YOU told us that you wanted to see your face on our Instagram wall, YOU chose the guests, segments, topics and helped shaped the show as our crowd producers.

Stop me if I’m repeating myself, but: THESE NOMINATIONS ARE FOR YOU!

We have and always will root for the underdog! Let this moment serve as inspiration! When others don’t see your vision, don’t waste time trying to convince them do like we did and use your energy to show them!

In less than 11 months the show has received:

  • Winner: International Academy Web Television Awards: Best Live Show
  • Nomination: Digiday Publishing Awards
  • Nomination: Emmy Award #1: Best Interactive Show
  • Nomination: Emmy Award #2: Best Program Host

The journey has only just begun, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Stay tuned — there are just 50 days until the big Emmy Awards ceremony in New York City!

But remember, being nominated in my mind means WE HAVE ALL ALREADY WON.

Mario Armstrong

Written by

NBC Today Show Contributor! Inspiration & tech to grow your passion! LAUNCHED the 1st live, crowd-produced, social-media-driven TV show!

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