3 Tips to hitting important milestone achievements!

In your life you hit certain milestones along the way! This is that #surreal moment for me and hopefully this quick post will serve as confirmation for many of you who are pursuing your next milestone.

To see @neversettleshow’s huge ad EVERY WEEK for the shows entire season on the Nasdaq marquee in New York City, in TimesSquare is an incredible feeling! I can’t believe that thousands of people are being exposed to something we dreamed of and worked towards for years! When you have an idea and you build it daily, it can be very challenging to remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. However, if you can keep that ultimate goal, that ultimate impact, that ultimate result in mind and allow yourself to be open to the possibilities so that you can translate those that are disguised as setbacks and challenges into advancement for your idea, you’ll get the motivation to remind you to keep going.

When YOU know YOUR purpose you have to dream big and take small daily steps towards it. It’s hard work, it’s long, you’ll have ups & downs but it’s soooo damn worth it.

Stop letting fear, hesitancy, the inner-critic and procrastination hold you back from bringing your gifts to the world!

Hear me on this! We need YOU!

For years I’ve been teaching you how to Never Settle and you can see the results.

So here are a couple of tips and strategies I’ve used along the way that help keep me motivated to deliver impact to others.

  1. Vision! Having a CLEAR vision of where you are going AND most importantly WHY?
  2. Reflection! If you don’t stop every week to pause and write down what you’ve accomplished, you won’t be able to beat out the voices in your head constantly reminding you of what you DIDN’T get done! Remember we are wired to easily recall what hasn’t been accomplished.
  3. The RIGHT action! Action without direction is confusion! Confusion leads to chaos and when your direction has elements of chaos you are forced to react differently in situations vs those who have distinct clarity. When you react, the energy you bring to that reaction is the exact energy that is returned to you! This is so easy but yet very complicated to consistently implement! It’s a fundamental rule to your success in achieving the next milestone.
Busy work feels good but if the tasks you are working on have nothing to do with SPECIFICALLY moving your idea forward you are slowly wasting your gift! And missing out on those moments of momentum!

YOUR turn. How can I/we help you? Let me know in the comments!